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How research brokers and intermediaries support evidence-based pro-poor policy and practice

By 16 May 2012

Co-published by the HSRC and the Institute for Development Studies (IDS) this report is an analysis of discussions and presentations that took place at the ‘Locating the Power of In-between conference’ in Pretoria, South Africa in July 2008.

The conference was organised to shine a spotlight on the role of research brokers, knowledge and information intermediaries and info-mediaries, and the contribution they can make to supporting and enabling evidence-based pro-poor policy and practice. This report identifies key issues from the conference and presents them for further analysis, discussion and action by people undertaking intermediary work, their stakeholders and those interested in information and communication flow around pro-poor policy and practice.

It draws out key points of the realities of evidence-based policy; where intermediaries fit into that context; and ideas about how intermediaries can contribute and challenge their work. In conclusion, it points to future action, in particular the need for collaboration between intermediary actors to step up to the challenges identified. The organisers hope that by starting a debate, illustrating a range of intermediary activities, forming connections between people and providing the basis for future analysis, the conference and this report will inspire action that will enable intermediaries to reach their full potential as development actors in their own right.

How research brokers and intermediaries support evidence-based pro-poor policy and practice: an analysis of the Locating the Power of In-between Conference, Human Sciences Research Council & Institute of Development Studies (2010)