Making your research accessible

The Guardian debates making research accessible and relevant, Thursday 6th June

By 5 June 2013

Research to Action is joining The Guardian for a live chat tomorrow from 1pm onwards on the Guardian’s Global Professional Network: Development research: improving access and relevance

We will be discussing the trending topic of improving both access to development research and strategies that make it useful to others. Research to Action, along with many others, will be debating the following questions:

How can researchers ensure that their work extends beyond the academic community?

How can development research be more widely accessed and used?

How can the funders of research support and encourage researchers to more effectively engage with the audiences for that knowledge. And should they require it?

How much does it cost to ensure research is accessible and relevant – and who pays?

The live chat is not video or audio-enabled but will take place in the comments section (below). To join the panel, or give your views before the chat, email Follow our tweets using the hashtag #globaldevlive

If you cannot attend the debate tomorrow, you can still use this space to contribute and express your opinions by commenting below. We will also be highlighting and documenting the debate on R2A so watch this space for further information!

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