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ASIES: Communicating with diverse audiences

By 11 August 2014

This blog is part of a showcase of exhibits from Latin American think tanks participating in the Think Tank Initiative’s Policy Engagement and Communications (PEC) programme. You may view other entries on the Latin America PEC Showcase Overview Page. 

Do you want to learn how peer organisations deal with the challenge of communicating more effectively with different stakeholders?

In order to help Asociación de Investigación y Estudios Sociales (ASIES) re-think their Marketing Strategy, Associate Researcher Vanesa Weyrauch produced a brief study on how other think tanks, mainly in developing countries, are currently reaching diverse audiences with a variety of tools.

Weyrauch’s study presents a series of findings that have emerged from interviewees´ reflections and shared practices on the different steps of strategic marketing, ranging from stakeholder analysis to exploring how to continuously re-engage with, and enhance communications to, different public audiences.

This study is a knowledge product which has been co-produced with southern practitioners through the collaboration of developing countries´ think tanks as well as through the comments and contributions from the Latin American and South Asian facilitators of the programme: Susan Koshy, Umar Sheraz and Anaité Vargas. The study was shared by a facilitator at an ASIES monthly meeting called “Aprendiendo juntos” so that researchers were able to reflect on how others currently deal with common challenges and opportunities in their strategic marketing. It was also presented in a webinar co-facilitated by Vanesa Weyrauch and Umar Sheraz, which targeted the South Asian and African think tanks.

View the Study on How think tanks communicate with diverse audiences (Spanish only)

This post has been produced as part of the Think Tank Initiative’s Policy Engagement and Communications (PEC) programme. However,  these are the author’s personal opinions and do not necessarily reflect those of TTI. You can find all ongoing outputs related to this project via the PEC mini-site on Research to Action. To get updates from the PEC programme and be part of the discussion sign-up to our RSS or email updates. You can also follow our progress via Twitter using the following hashtag #ttipec

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Vanesa Weyrauch

Vanesa Weyrauch is a Southern expert in the link between policy and research, think tanks, networks, and policy influence planning, monitoring and evaluation. She has done extensive consulting work to help policy research institutions and work better understand how they can better influence policy through research, including development of innovative M&E methodologies, several online training courses and workshops, and production of new knowledge in her field, with an emphasis in developing countries. She has worked with international, regional and local organizations, especially in Latin America but has also forged collaborative projects in Asia and Africa. Currently she is the co-founder of Politcs& Ideas , a new think net focused on the study of the relationship between politics and ideas and Associate Researcher at CIPPEC , a leading think tank based in Argentina.