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New science policy blog at ‘New Scientist’

By 09/12/2009

Roger Highfield, editor of New Scientist, has started a new blog, ‘The S Word’, covering science and policy.  Science policymaking for international development hasn’t appeared yet, but it’s early days. Log in – or perhaps that should be blog in – comment on his blogs, and send him your material!

From the blog:

Welcome to The S Word! This new online forum is where you’ll find New Scientist‘s coverage of science and policy – getting under the skin of politics to show how science is changing our world.

Why did we call it The S Word? Despite the central role that science plays in our world, politicians often seem reluctant to engage with it – in fact, many seem keen to avoid mentioning it at all. That results in policy-making that flies in the face of scientific evidence and serves us all badly.

New Scientist is among those who hope to persuade politicians that “the s word” belongs at the heart of political debate. This blog is our contribution to that effort.