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Academics, in New Move, Begin to Work With Wikipedia

By 28 May 2011

Ever wondered what role Wikipedia should play in research communication? This post entitled ‘Academics, in New Move, Begin to Work With Wikipedia’ from The Chronicle of Higher Education explains why academic disdain towards Wikipedia is shifting rapidly.

“Academics have held the online, user-written reference work in some disdain, said Mahzarin R. Banaji, a psychology professor at Harvard University, “but now I’m hearing nothing but enthusiasm, and I really think this is going to work.” Ms. Banaji, the association’s president, has put the prestige of a leading scholarly group—and her own name—behind the project, which involves a new interface custom-designed to make encyclopedia entries easier to write and edit, a nascent social network that links scholars who share interests, and tutorials for professors on ways to make writing for Wikipedia part of course assignments.”

Well worth a read, so do take a look!