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HERproject launches new ‘Toolbuilder App’ to communicate global health education

By 19/07/2011

HERproject, a Global initiative that delivers women’s health education programs in participating factories across Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Mexico, Pakistan, and Vietnam, has recently launched a new Toolbuilder. This web-based application helps global health educators create culturally relevant training tools for factory- and farm-based health education in developing countries.

Following a step-by-step guide on their website, you can create an illustrated flip chart or poster, specific to the country, culture and topic in which you are aiming to raise awareness.

The tool provides a range of clean and clear illustrations that give comprehensible and easy to follow advise on health, family planning, harassment and nutrition. A range of languages are available, from English and French to Bangla and Urda. You can save and sort projects and there is even an option for collaboration.

Elissa Goldenberg, BSR Communications Associate, champions the application as having 200 images on seven different health topics and states that:

“Culturally relevant, accurate, and engaging images are crucial to conveying important messages to audiences who often have low levels of education. We think the Toolbuilder has the potential to revolutionize factory-based women’s health education, and help make HERproject a global standard.”

Although anyone can try out this tool, currently only registered HERproject partners can export and use completed presentations, however there are hopes that the tool will be made publicly available in the future.

Do you think this tool could be of use to communicate and disseminate research findings to local communities?