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Research Uptake: Jeff Knezovich discusses getting research into use

By 12/03/2012

In this short video, Jeff Knezovich, the Policy Influence and Research Uptake Manager for the Future Health Systems Research Consortium, talks about getting development research into use.

Jeff emphasises the importance of understanding the policy landscape around your research area. Knowing what policies already exist for your topic and where they are in the policy cycle, along with identifying who the different actors involved in the policy process are, can be invaluable in getting research recognised.

Planning your ‘Theory of Change’ and what works best within the context of your research is also fundamental. Jeff believes that thinking through how to implement the change you want to make is key, and that the planning process is more important than the plan itself. Be opportunistic; take advantage of changes in the environment or different findings in your research. Jeff also emphasises the importance of establishing effective monitoring and evaluation and learning systems from the very beginning.


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