Monitoring and evaluation

‘Theory of Change’ in action

By 08/05/2012

Ever wanted to know how to make Theory of Change work?

Heléne Clark is a leader in Theory of Change development and facilitation as well as founder of both ActKnowledge and Theory of Change Online. We think that by listening to this sound bite on the Tavistock Institute’s website, it can help you understand the importance of planning before putting a project into motion.

Here, Helene discusses the benefits of using Theory of Change Online to help project planners think logically and how important it is to consult her and her team at the planning stage rather than waiting until the project is taken to be evaluated.

With what began as a tool for social change and development based in New York City alone, the Theory of Change team spread out from New York and is now working on a global scale.

“We began to use Theory of Change for evaluation but it would be so much better as a planning tool and not wait until evaluators have to deconstruct work already done. It’s about making things work in the first place.”