Monitoring and evaluation

The Five Competencies Framework

By 23/10/2012

In the influential book Learning to Fly, Chris Collison and Geoff Parcell (2001) describe five key organisational ‘competencies’. As already stated, we see these of being of high practical relevance for knowledge management and organisational learning initiatives. The Five Competencies Framework has been promoted widely and is now being used by many different teams or groups, to work out how well they are performing against organisationally established criteria for knowledge and learning, and to identify goals and priorities for improvement. The competency framework works on the principle that effective knowledge and learning is based on improving performance five important competency areas:

• Strategy development

• Management techniques

• Collaboration mechanisms

• Knowledge sharing and learning processes

• Knowledge capture and storage

Based on these competencies, Parcell and Collison have developed a framework to be worked through by groups and teams within a given organisation. This framework can be used to discover how well teams or groups believe they are performing against the pre-established criteria, and where they most wish to improve.


Title:  The Five Competencies Framework  Author: Chris Collison and Geoff Parcell/ODI Year: 2001