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R2A Podcast: The Future of Impact Conference

By 17/04/2013

Last week Research to Action attended the Future of Impact Conference in London held by the DESCRIBE project (University of Exeter).

JISC funded the DESCRIBE project to undertake a rigorous assessment of current standards relating to the evidence of impact and sought to achieve a comprehensive, more nuanced understanding of impact and its evidence. This conference showcased expertise from leading specialists in the field from the the funding, policy and HEI sectors. The conference looked at establishing specific recommendations for action around standards relating to the evidence of impact.

The audio recordings include presentations by:

Rachel Bruce, JISC
Michael Wykes, University of Exeter (DESCRIBE Project)
Nicola Dandridge, UUK
Geoff Rodgers, Brunel University
David Cope, Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology
Averil Horton, Brunel University
Paul Manners, NCCPE
Sarah Morton, University of Edinburgh
David Sweeney, HEFCE
Anke Reinhardt, German Research Council
Julia Lane, American Institute for Research

You can download the recordings here.