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Practical tips and guidance on monitoring your twitter activity

By 03/02/2014

Using social media to disseminate and access development research is fast becoming the standard in mainstream organisations. Researcher, policy actors and other potential users of research are utilising applications such as Twitter to both promote their own research, access other researcher’s work and hold conversations, debates and discussions around particular subject areas. The following practical tips have been put together to assist you in making the most of this social media tool, specifically monitoring and evaluating the impact you twitter activity is having for organisational and stakeholder analysis.

This guide, writen by Betty Paton for the Think Tank Initiative’s Policy Engagement and Communications (PEC) programme, covers the following 4 key elements.

  1. Practical Tips and Recommended Daily Actions
  2. Tracking your Twitter Campaign
  3. Recording quantitative data and statistics:
  4. Google Analytics and ‘UTM parameters’
Title: R2A – Practical Tips and Guidance on Monitoring your Twitter Activity Author: Betty Paton Year: 2014


This resource has been produced as part of the Think Tank Initiative’s Policy Engagement and Communications (PEC) programme. You can find all ongoing outputs related to this project via the PEC mini-site on Research to Action. To get updates from the PEC programme and be part of the discussion sign-up to our RSS or email updates. You can also follow our progress via Twitter using the following hashtag #ttipec.