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A Training Workbook: Communication Methods and Scientific Advocacy

By 08/04/2014

This publication is an output from a project funded by Department for International Development (DFID) for the benefit of developing countries as it shares information on research, promote and development communication methods and scientific advocacy.


Part I: Introduction: Course Rationale, Purpose and Methodology
Part II: Developing a Promotion Strategy
Part III: Scientific Research for Development
Part IV: Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement
Part V: Uptake Pathways: Making the links between Research, Policy and Development
Part VI: The Role, Value and Methodology of Advocacy
Part VII: Practical Tools and Skills
Part VIII: Presenting Your Promotion Strategy Personal Action Plans for Improved Research Promotion
Part IX: Monitoring and Mentoring: A Continuous Process

Annex I: Psychological Aspects of Social Influence

Title: Communication Methods and  Scientific Advocacy Author: Angela Christie, Trevor Nott, Silvia Capezzuoli, Julia Smith, Pim Van Weelden, Hannah Jaenicke Year: 2014

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