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The final curtain: Policy Brief Week 2014

By 31/10/2014

Thanks to everyone who has been following all the action from Policy Brief Week 2014 here on R2A. It’s been a great week with lots of interesting content and discussion on the site and through social media. We hope everyone has appreciated the efforts of the R2A team and feels like they know a little bit more about the nuances of writing effective policy briefs. If you still have any burning questions about writing policy briefs and need additional support then visit the R2A Helpdesk.

We want to hear from you if you have found Policy Brief Week valuable or think there are ways we could have made it better – so  please do drop us a quick email via to pass on your thoughts. Your feedback is key for us to learn and bring you exactly what you want in the future!

We will be annoucing the winner of our social media game #R2Aconundrums via facebook and twitter early next week – thanks for those that got involved, it’s been fun!

In way of a finale, we leave you with this short animation that provides a wonderfully fun and quirky overview of how to craft an effective messages within your policy brief.

An Introduction to Policy Briefs from Research to Action on Vimeo.