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How do journalists find good leads?

By 26/10/2016

Have you ever wondered how stories start to spread across the media – or how to get your story into the loop that journalists are going to pick up?

The ‘Online Journalism’ blog recently posted an excellent and pretty comprehensive guide for journalists on ‘How to find feeds for leads’. There are great tips that anyone can use to stay on top of the latest news in their subject area, and detailed instructions on how to tailor feeds to make sure that you are not only covering your subject area, but also controlling the geographic area too. You can even choose what types of sources you want to follow, whether published news article, blogs, or even email newsletters.

If you are a researcher looking to get your news under the noses of journalists who will report on your behalf it’s equally important to understand these systems, so you can make sure that everything you put out finds it’s way into the hands of active bloggers and journalists, and doesn’t get lost in the ether.

How to find ‘feeds for leads’ as a journalist