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Web development consultant – Zimbabwe Resilience Building Fund

By 19/03/2019


The Zimbabwe Resilience Building Fund (ZRBF) is a long-term development initiative with the overall objective of contributing to increasing the capacity of communities to protect development gains in the face of recurrent shocks and stresses, enabling them to contribute to the economic development of Zimbabwe.

This virtual knowledge hub is envisioned to be an interactive learning space comprised of a digital library, resilience tools and templates, case studies, and resilience-focused stories.

Objectives of the Virtual Hub

Mercy Corps Zimbabwe, under the ZRBF, is seeking talented web development firms/consultants to develop this virtual hub as a resilience learning space.

The virtual hub aims to be the one-stop shop for resilience thinking and materials. Allowing users to download templates, engage in conversation, share information, and collaborate.

The virtual hub should be easily accessible, easy to use, and use intuitive graphical user-interface in its design.

The virtual hub will be a learning, convening  and repository space. It will need to allow multimedia products such as video, podcasts, and webinars. It is also required to house multiple document formats that are easily searchable and allow users to browse through topics or types of content.

Application Process

For detailed information on this RFP follow this link or email RE: Terms of Reference Virtual Knowledge Hub.

Deadline for applications is Sunday 31stMarch 2019 at 5pm CAT.