AEN Evidence 23

Africa Evidence Week

By 10/09/2019

Africa Evidence Week, a virtual event happening 9-13 September, 2019 and hosted by the Africa Evidence Network, got off to a great start yesterday.

This event, driven by African evidence-informed decision-making (EIDM) organisations showcasing their excellence in supporting evidence-use, will be appearing across a range of social media platforms (websites, webinars, YouTube, Twitter, and others).

Follow these links to catch up on what you missed yesterday, and

Today – Tuesday, 10 September – Precious Motha, Charity Chisoro, and Natalie Tannous of the Africa Centre for Evidence – the secretariat to the Africa Evidence Network – capture some of yesterday’s highlights  and flag what’s coming up in the day ahead.
See more about ACE’s work on their website or follow them on Twitter @ACE_UJ;@nataliejhbsa; @charitychisoro