Making your research accessible

Wageningen’s resources and tools for academic researchers

By 28/01/2020

In 2016 Wageningen University and 10 research institutes reorganised to collaborate more organically and rebranded themselves as ‘Wageningen University & Research‘. This collaboration enables closer and more integrated working on Wageningen’s three core areas:

  • Food and food production
  • Living environment
  • Health, lifestyle and livelihoods

Wageningen has a long and respected history of publishing the outputs of its academic research, and the new collaboration prompted the Library to summarise best practice for academic publishing, citing, data management, and research impact for the benefit of all their 6,500 employees and 12,000 students from more than a hundred countries around the world. Fortunately it’s on their website, so the rest of us can make their most of their expertise too!

While you’re there, don’t miss their tips for Handy Research Tools:

#1: Access paywalled articles for free using Unpaywall

#2: Stay up to date with Sparrho

#3: Check Open Access of your papers with Dissemin

#4: Search and visualise scientific publications

#5: Organise the information you find online with Weava

#6: Find retracted papers with Retraction Watch

#7: Social media monitoring software Coosto

#8: Let DropIt organise your files

#9: Comment on papers or retrieve discussed papers via PubPeer

#10: Share your articles with Springer Nature SharedIt

#11: Reward your peer review and editorial contributions via Publons