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Why should I transcribe my media content?

By 29/07/2021

With technology constantly evolving and new ways of communicating arriving on our doorstep, there are many ways to work more efficiently than ever before. Artificial Intelligence Transcript services can turn minute taking, dictation, and transcript production for videos and podcasts into quick and easy tasks. Using an AI Transcript service will save you time by producing an almost perfect transcript of any media that you upload with clear and coherent audio. Simply download, proofread, and tidy up any minor errors before appending your transcript to the video or podcast or sharing it anywhere else your potential audience will find it.

Transcribing your podcasts, videos, and webinars can be a great way to improve the accessibility of your content. This is particularly important for hearing-impaired visitors, but will also allow others to translate your material into their language with ease. Your potential audience may want to skim content prior to watching videos or listening to podcasts to gauge if the topic will interest them. Visitors may also find themselves in an environment where they are unable to listen to audio.

Generating a transcript for media also helps potential visitors find your content by searching for relevant key words or phrases in the transcript. Having a transcript available is likely to bring you more relevant traffic through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

There are a range of different AI Transcript services available for all levels of IT experience and use. For a novice user, software such as temi and offer user-friendly services and a quick and easy transcription. These providers offer a range of free services as well as a subscription service, though the free version will have limitations, such as the downloadable format choices and amount of content you are able to transcribe each month.

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