Using speculative storytelling to innovate the Humanitarian Sector

By 16/02/2022

Engaging your audience in your research and findings can be a tricky task. By using communication tools such as storytelling, readers can find themselves immersed in stories and able to relate and share experiences. The UN Refugee Agency have created Project Unsung, a project that brings creative collaborators together from all over the world to help reimagine and promote narrative change in the Humanitarian sector. The collection features a range of different stories framed across three main overarching issues: Nature, Identity, and Power. These speculative stories have been captured using a variety of mediums such as poetry, art and illustration, and non-fiction essays and provides an insight to the visions and future of innovation in the Humanitarian sector.

To find out more about Project Unsung and to download the collection, please visit the UN Refugee Agency’s website here.