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Research for All – The open access journal

By 09/11/2022

Research for All is an open-access, peer-reviewed, online journal co-sponsored by IOE, UCL’s Faculty of Education and Society, and the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement. This joint venture models the principles of public engagement in research through its editorial advisory board and associate editors, who are drawn from within and beyond higher education. 

Engagement with research goes further than participation in it. Engaged individuals and communities initiate research, advise, challenge or collaborate with researchers. Their involvement is always active and they have a crucial influence on the conduct of the research – on its design or methods, products, dissemination or use.

Research for All focuses on research that involves universities and communities, services or industries working together. Contributors and readers are from both inside and outside of higher education. They include researchers, policymakers, managers, practitioners, community-based organizations, schools, businesses and the intermediaries who bring these people together. The journal highlights the potential in active public engagement for robust academic study, for the development of involved communities, and for the impact of research. It features theoretical and empirical analysis alongside authoritative commentary to explore a range of themes that are key to engaged research including the development of reciprocal relationships, sector-specific communication and participatory action research. It explores engagement with different groups and their cultures, and contains a balance of topics from across academic disciplines, professional sectors and types of engagement.

The journal welcomes submissions from across the world and across disciplines, including those with an applied focus on improving practice in higher education.

To read the journal and learn more about their submission criteria visit the UCL Press website.