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Using Wikipedia to disseminate health research: Free online seminar – 22 November

By 16/11/2022

Wikipedia’s reputation as a reliable source of information has faced challenges over the years. This seminar reveals how Wikipedia can be used to disseminate research findings, with insights from the NIHR’s Wikipedian in residence, Adam Harangozo.

Wikipedia has rigorous policies requiring editors for example to cite reliable sources for all information they add to the encyclopaedia. Wikipedia’s medical articles are also continuously monitored and improved by a group of editors, many of them medical professionals themselves, under the name Wikiproject Medicine.

In this seminar, Adam will talk about his role as NIHR’s Wikipedian in residence and share insights on how to use Wikipedia to disseminate research findings. He will also explain how researchers and public and patient representatives can participate in NIHR’s project.

To find out more and to register for this seminar, please visit the NIHR website.

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