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Mawazo Fellowship Programme: Call for Aplications!

By 13/02/2023

Mawazo Fellowship Programme, Mawazo Institute

Deadline: 11.59 pm EAT, 12 March, 2023
Location: Non-residential
Term: 2023-2024 programme
Other: Be a woman (woman/women includes cisgender women and transgender women. We also welcome Assigned Female At Birth (AFAB) non-binary, AFAB gender non-conforming, other AFAB genderqueer individuals, who have historically been excluded from decision-making spaces)

This programme supports African women PhD students from across the continent working on emerging development issues and provides them with (1) virtual, on-demand training, (2) mentorship, and (3) access to funding that supports research activities, conference travel, research translation, and cross-sector collaborations.

The Mawazo Fellowship Programme is a 15-month, non-residential fellowship where Mawazo Fellows participate in a virtual training programme that features professional development courses designed by the Mawazo Institute hosted on our Mawazo Learning Exchange (MLEx) e-learning platform. Fellows also benefit from mentorship and networking to enhance their career progression, financial support for research activities, and platforms for policy outreach and public engagement that increase their visibility and potential for impact.

This programme is designed to build a network of African women experts who are poised to influence policy and public discourse in academia and beyond, increasing the application and implementation of practical, evidence-based ideas that drive Africa’s development.

All Fellows join our network of past Fellows and will continue to benefit from Mawazo’s support through its Mawazo Voices programme.

In 2023, the Mawazo Fellowship Programme will support up to forty (40) women pursuing their PhD studies at accredited universities across Africa.

While all eligible PhD students are more than welcome to apply, we encourage applications from those working in the following thematic areas:

●      Agriculture and Food Security

●      Business, Trade, and the Economy

●      Climate Change, Natural Resources, and the Environment

●      Education and Pedagogy

●      Energy and Engineering

●      Gender, Rights, and Governance

●      Information and Technology

●      Life and Health Sciences

●      Mathematical and Physical Sciences

For more information about our work and impact so far, please visit our website or download the 2021 Annual Report. To learn more about our inaugural cohort of Fellows, please view the 2021 Mawazo Fellows profiles.

For more information or to apply for this opportunity, please visit the Mawazo Institute website.