About the project

The five-year GDN Global Research Project, Strengthening Institutions to Improve Public Expenditure Accountability, is implemented in technical partnership with the Results for Development Institute (R4D), Washington DC. The fundamental goal is to improve development outcomes by increasing the effectiveness with which governments allocate and use their resources in the three sectors of health, education and water. Fourteen research institutions from 14 countries have been selected to be part of the project.

Project objectives:

  • Building and strengthening institutional capacity for public expenditure analysis;
  • Exploring the effectiveness of public service delivery in health, education and water;
  • Emphasizing rigorous analysis, producing reliable public expenditure reform proposals and, thus, aiming to shape policy debates;
  • Developing policy alternatives and tailored research communication and outreach in a peer-learning environment; and
  • Producing internationally comparable information on public expenditure.
You can find out more about the project on the Global Development Network’s website here: Strengthening Institutions to Improve Public Expenditure Accountability