Anita Swarup

Anita Alexander Swarup is a communication consultant based in London, who was recently involved in an assignment for the World Bank looking at investment projects along the Nile River such as water resource management, irrigation, infrastructure, energy etc. She has worked for organisations such as UNICEF, UNESCO, CDC Group (part of DFID) etc, in areas such as the private sector/jobs and development, infrastructure and energy, environment and climate change, health and gender. Her work involves: corporate communication strategies; writing and editing reports/briefs; public relations; and media relations; engagement with stakeholders including government and civil society; and contributing to and influencing policy development. She has an MSc in International Development from Birkbeck College, University of London. Prior to her work in development, she worked for the BBC and Channel 4, as a producer of programmes such as de-forestation in Mount Kenya (BBC World).