Emma Crewe

Emma Crewe is a researcher at SOAS and research supervisor at the University of Hertfordshire’s Business School. An anthropologist by training, she has taught at Sussex University and SOAS. She has worked in international development since the 1980s as a social scientist, policy adviser, manager and trustee in international NGOs. She was CEO of the INGO ChildHope (2006-2011), trustee at Practical Action (2007-2014) and Chair of Heath Poverty Action and Find Your Feet (2015-2019). Her ethnographic research into organisations focuses on INGOs and parliaments in the UK, Eastern Africa and South Asia and she has advised the UK Parliament on research and evaluation. She is currently Director of the Global Research Network on Parliaments and People, managing a network that gives grants and support to scholars and artists in Myanmar and Ethiopia in the cause of deepening democracy 2017-2020 (http://parliaments4people.com/).

Website: http://parliaments4people.com/