Rafea Anis

Rafea Anis has a Master’s degree in Economics. She joined the Social Policy and Development Centre (SPDC) to focus on public policy analyses and social sector development. Working in the development field for fourteen years exposed her to a full range of economic and social issues, all of which solidified her intense interest in women’s issues. This was reinforced when she become a core member of the Gender Research Programme (GRP) at SPDC and by her commitment to, and experiences in, making recommendations, through research, that are gender sensitive and equitable. While at SPDC, she obtained a Law degree and her combined expertise in economics and law has enabled her to look at developmental issues with an inter-disciplinary approach. It has also helped in bringing the focus of the organization on the legal gaps existing in the socio-economic development legislation of Pakistan. Her research responsibilities include review of literature, field experience and contributing chapters to SPDC publications.