Siobhan Duvigneau

Siobhan Duvigneau is the Information Literacy Manager at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) in the UK. Initially employed as a web Project Manager, she took up her current role in January 2010. Siobhan graduated with a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from Brighton University in 2005 and taught ICT and English in a secondary school setting for 3 years. Prior to teaching Siobhan worked for over 12 years in the web development industry as a communication specialist. She is a qualified IT Project Manager (ISEB) and has overseen the development of several library-based web systems for the British Library, UK. As the Information Literacy Manager at IDS, Siobhan has co-designed the pedagogical framework for a number of capacity development programmes aimed at mobilising the capacity of researchers, policy-makers and practitioners, in developing country contexts, to use and contribute to research. She is currently studying a Masters in Education specialising in Online and Distance Education.