DFID seek new programmes to build capacity of decision-makers in low and middle income countries


DFID is seeking proposals for a range of innovative programmes that aim to build capacity of decision-makers in low and middle income countries to use research evidence and rigorous data to inform their decision-making. DFID  intend to invest £10 million in a suite of up to six new programmes, which will each run for a period of up to 3 years. This will help inform DFID and other development research funders on what types of capacity building approaches on research uptake are most cost effective and have the greatest impact.

Having the ability to make evidence-informed policy and practice decisions will be vital if countries are to pull themselves out of poverty. The end results of the programme stream will be enhanced capacity of decision makers in low and middle income countries to routinely gather, synthesise, appraise and use research evidence to inform policy and practice decisions. For the purposes of this call, decision-makers may be policy-makers, practitioners or intermediaries – or the organisations in which these decision-makers work.

Applicants can be individual organisations or a consortium of organisations of which at least 50% of which should be from low or middle income countries. We would discourage applications from individual organisations based in a high-income country. Programmes should be designed in collaboration with end-users and ideally will be implemented within and through existing in-country institutions. At least one of the countries targeted by each programme should be a DFID focus country. Proposals must demonstrate how on-going learning will be facilitated and how benefits will be sustained beyond the life of the programme.

Potential applicants are invited to fill in a pre-qualification questionnaire which should include a 10 page concept note outlining their proposed programme. Ten applicants will be shortlisted and invited to submit full proposals at the intention to tender (ITT) stage. A grant of up to £10,000 will be available to shortlisted applicants to support the development of the full proposal, and then up to 6 programmes will be funded. Potential applicants should note that DFID is keen to test a broad range of capacity building approaches on research uptake, with a varied geographical focus. DFID therefore reserve the right to select the best combination of proposals to meet our requirements, within the overall funding envelope we have available. Proposals will therefore be assessed on their own merit with bidders only competing against each other on the basis that there is a limited pool of money available.

Deadline: Wed 13 February 2013 at 14:00

For full information on this call, please see here.