Webinar- Knowledge into policy: Going beyond context matters


“The role and importance of context in the interaction between research and policy is widely recognized. It features in general literature on the subject, in case studies of how research has successfully influenced policy, and in practitioner reflections on the results of their work. But despite this, there is significant room to improve our understanding of how context matters.” P&I

On September 7th, at 2 PM UK time, Politics and Ideas are holding a free webinar aimed at helping policymakers, researchers and donors better understand the role of context in their work. The webinar will look at a new product developed by Politics and Ideas, in partnership with INASP, that synthesizes learning from a knowledge systematization effort around context, focusing on public institutions and how they facilitate (or not) the production and use of relevant knowledge in policy. This product emerges from a paper on the conceptual framework and a practical paper on implications and how to use this framework for diverse users.

Access the full webinar invitation here for further information.

If you are interested in attending please send an email to contact@politicsandideas.org with your name and organisation.