First KM4Dev Online Open Space


You are invited to join in and experiment with the first KM4Dev Online Open Space on 14th June, from 02:00 London time (01:00 GMT) to 19:30 London time (18:30 GMT). The Open Space will use Adobe Connect for the meetings and Google docs for the Market Place and for notes.
KM4Dev is proposing to run approximately two-hour long sessions, with a 30 min break between them. In total, there are up to 8 sessions scheduled, so all timezones should be covered.

The suggested outline for each session is below – but of course these are first thoughts and comments are welcome:

  • Hellos, including people logging in, 15m
  • Introduction to Open Space – principles, how we’ll work, 10m
  • Marketplace – looking at any suggestions already collected during the registration, inviting new topics, and then the process of agreeing which topics will be led by whom, followed by people selecting which one to join and allocating people to the different online breakout rooms, 30m
  • Conversations of about 30 – 45m
  • Feedback, about 15m
  • Goodbyes, 5m

Find out more about the sessions, format and who is already registered to attend on the Euforic blog.

Register for free using the online form.