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TTI PEC’s virtual write shops for more effective communication

By 24/06/2014

From June to September 2014, the Think Tank Initiative’s Policy Engagement and Communications (PEC) programme is organizing four virtual write-shops on how to write different communications products, including blogs and op-eds, newsletters, news releases and letters to the editor, for the 13 participating think tanks in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda.

Each of these virtual “write shops” will be conducted on PEC-talk (our Google group listserv) and for each of these topics, we will share some resources, including a work in progress from one or two think tanks that we can share and learn together about how to improve it.

Week of 30 June: Crafting Better Blogs and Op-eds

Week of 21 July: Producing Newsletters that People Read

Week of 11 August: Writing News Releases that Make an Impact

Week of 22 September: Submitting Letters to the Editor that Are Published

Please contact David Olson ( or Shubha Jayaram ( if you have any questions.



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