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TTI PEC virtual write shop: Crafting better blogs and op-eds

By 24 June 2014

The Think Tank Initiative’s Policy Engagement and Communications Program is hosting a Virtual Write Shop on blogs and op-eds during the week of June 30, 2014.


Zilper Audi, the Communications Officer at the Institute of Economic Affairs in Kenya (IEA-Kenya) explains how the organization started blogging and what the advantages and challenges have been for them here:

Zilper Audi offers this BLOG POST for the consideration of her PEC think tank colleagues. Please post all comments and constructive criticism below. The blog is meant for a broad Kenyan audience, encompassing policy makers and the general public

Sola Oluwadare, Communications Manager at the Afriheritage Institution in Nigeria, also offers this draft blog on Public Sector & Job Creation for your critique. Please post your comments below.


Felix Murithi, the knowledge management and communications manager at the Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA), reports that at his organization, the researchers select a topic of policy relevance and put their thoughts on paper, without thinking about whether the piece is suitable for print or online media. It is the communications staff’s job to structure it for the relevant medium — blog, newspaper, magazine, etc. For newspaper articles, KIPPRA has no control over the structure once they have been submitted. However, for blog, there will be consultations with KIPRRA researchers and the blog until a suitable version is developed. KIPPRA places op-eds in such publications as The Daily Nation and Business Daily Africa. Felix shares this description (WRITING OP-EDS AT KIPPRA) of how the process of writing op-eds has evolved at his think tank.

Felix Muriithi of KIPPRA offers this draft OP-ED FROM KIPPRA that he is working on. He welcomes all comments and constructive criticism in the space below.

Sola Oluwadare, Communications Manager at the Afriheritage Institution (AHI)  in Nigeria, also offers this OP-ED on Boko Haram and insecurity challenges in Nigeria for your critique. Please post your comments below.

Job Eronmhonsele, head of the Communications Unit of the Centre for Population and Environmental Development (CPED) in Nigeria, shares this OP-ED on the Challenges of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights for your critique. Please add any comments in the space below.

List of Resources

You can find suggested resources on the topic here, and we welcome your thoughts in the space below.


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