The R2A team writes about the key issues in development research uptake. You can help make R2A better by Recommending a resource or Contributing a blog post. We aim to highlight the best blogs and materials on research uptake from other sources, and particularly welcome original contributions from members of the research comms community – sharing your experiences will both help others to learn and further your own research and communications goals.

Our contributors come from all over the globe, do you have experience where we don’t yet?

Recommend a resource

We welcome recommendations for good blog posts or resources that are already online. You can recommend your own materials, or just tell us about great things you’ve found. You can also tell us about news, job announcements, or relevant events. There are two ways to do this: (1) email us, or (2)notify us on social media. If you want to recommend that we add a resource that isn’t already online, please send us an email and tell us about it, attaching the resource if you can.

A ‘resource’ can be just about anything: a toolkit, video, podcast, blog, guidelines, presentation, report, database, book, journal article, e-discussion, tutorial – anything that will help us all to ensure that research is taken up more effectively.

If you want to tell R2A about something that you’ve produced yourself, consider writing a blog post about it instead of just recommending it. It will be more accessible, promoted more effectively, and R2A users will be able to give you feedback in the comments.

1. Email us at

Tell us a bit about yourself (name, where you work, what you do). Include a hyperlink to the blog post or resource, and ideally tell us what you like about it and how it was useful to you. If the resource isn’t online, attach it to your email and tell us where it comes from.

2. Show us on social media

If you’ve found a good blog or resource online, you can recommend it directly via either Twitter or Facebook.

Contribute a blog post

Our blog is a great way to share your experiences, promote your work, direct traffic to your own site, and even ask for help and feedback from the research comms community. We aim to make contributing as easy and painless as possible. There’s no need to write a long essay; short, practical posts are most popular with readers. If you’d like to submit a post just email us your contribution at If you’d like to contribute regularly, once you become famililiar with contributing we will register you with the site so that you can post as and when you like.

You can find our author guidelines HERE