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First Research Uptake Roundtable guests announced

By 05/06/2017

How do we manage the delicate balance between ‘technical’ and ‘social’ in translating evidence to action?

While it has been easy to share significant successes of getting research into action through impact awards and case studies, it has proved much harder to institutionalise learning from these. It is evident that while technical capacities matter, research to policy processes are fundamentally social, highlighting the importance of relationships and networks throughout the process of research impact.

In the first of the new series of Research to Action’s Roundtables the Institute of Development Studies, the Impact Initiative and Health Systems Global Thematic Working Group ‘Translating Evidence to Action’ will host an expert panel to discuss their experiences in turning evidence into impact. The webinar will build upon the issues discussed in The Social Realities of Knowledge for Development, an edited collection of articles by IDS and the Impact Initiative. The panellists will shed light on their challenges and successes in translating evidence to action and their experiences of balancing the ‘technical’ and the ‘social’.


Nasreen Jessani – Vice Chair: (HSG Translating Evidence to Action Thematic Working Group, Johns Hopkins University and co-editor of the Social Realities of Knowledge for Development)

Social Realities of Knowledge for Development is free to download. Share with colleagues, partners and networks and let us know your thoughts: @the_impact_init @IDS_UK #evidence4impact

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