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Survey: Accessing research evidence: what challenges do you face?

By 22/03/2018

If you are here at R2A, there’s a very good chance you regularly need to access research evidence – or want to share effectively the evidence that you’ve produced.

*COMDIS-HSD, one of the Research Programme Consortia funded by UKAID, wants to know what challenges you face. Please help them gather this data by filling out their 7-minute survey.

This survey is for anyone who works in a non-academic institution in a LOW OR MIDDLE INCOME COUNTRY and needs access to research evidence (e.g. data from a research trial, an article from an academic journal) to do part of their job. This includes anyone working in a civil society organisation, charity or think tank, journalists and broadcasters from any media outlet, staff based at government or national agencies, or anyone working as an independent researcher or consultant.

Take the survey here:

The survey is open until Monday 26 March, 2018.


*COMDIS-HSD carries out research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of TB, malaria, HIV and non-communicable diseases, within primary care and community settings. Our focus is on making care effective and more acceptable to patients, families and communities. This leads to better case finding, earlier diagnosis and treatment and higher treatment completion rates.

We also collaborate with universities, national NGOs and government agencies. Our relationships with these organisations are one of our key strengths and we have spent years developing and building trust to ensure the longevity of our partnerships.