Evidence into policy

Using evidence for better local government decision-making

By 09/09/2021

Evidence is a key aspect of decision-making in all development sectors, and having good evidence enables policymakers and practitioners to develop and implement effective interventions. In Benin, an abundance of evidence has been generated on food and nutrition security (FNS). Local governments have indicated that this evidence is useful but is not always useable, particularly in the event of an emergency response. This study, carried out by ACED Benin, explains how research communities are often overlooked when local authorities are looking for evidence, with most turning to civil society organisations, hospitals, the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Analysis, and technical and financial partners instead. Included are some great recommendations explaining how evidence can be used to help policymakers make fairer, coherent, cost-effective, and informed decisions. Also highlighted are ways to produce more inclusive and targeted research to benefit all stakeholders in FNS, as well as the main results and findings from the study.

To read the full report and find out more about this intriguing study, please visit the ACED website.