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Promoting a culture of engaged research in Nepal

By 04/10/2022

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Nepal Institute of Research and Communications


Our Mission: We aim to promote the culture of designing, implementing, and communicating research in Nepal, especially in the field of social development.

How does communications help to achieve this mission?

  1. In general, most research is wasted or unused because of the lack of skills and understanding around research uptake.
  2. There is a disconnect between what evidence is produced and how policies and programmes are designed.
  3.  There is a significant gap in Nepal in terms of academic practice and on-the-ground experience when it comes to research and evidence generation.

What communications project are you most proud of? And why?

During the last four years we have successfully trained over 3,000 early-career researchers and professionals, particularly related to writing grant proposals and research papers, data analysis, monitoring and evaluation, research uptake, and knowledge management, among other things. We have contributed to bridging the gap between academic practice and real-world scenarios working in the development sector, which has helped achieve our mission of promoting the culture of designing, implementing, and communicating research.

What is one communication tip you have for other practitioners?

Do not wait for the final product to showcase your work. You need to document the processes of engagement and communicate about your work from the very beginning of your project if you want to have maximum impact.

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Meet Sudeep Uprety, founder of the NIRC in the below video.

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