Eye on 2022

Eye on 2022 – Showcasing communicators and their inspiring work

By 22/02/2022

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Communications teams come in all shapes and sizes. This year in Eye on 2022 R2A will highlight the great work that you all do to maximise research impact. We’re inviting you to share best practice and some unique tips, tools, and resources that we can all learn from.

On Tuesdays a new Comms team will introduce themselves and their work, and choose one or more aspects of their work to shout about to the rest of us.

We are providing a template but feel free to deviate from this as we know how different the challenges are depending where, how, and for whom you work, and what resources you have available. Teams will have the freedom to showcase their breadth, or take a deep dive into something they are particularly proud of; sing the praises of the whole chorus, or pirouette on a prima event, approach, lesson, technique, publication, video, social media strategy, app, comic, song – or any other noun they can think of.

Send us a bouquet of hotlinks to resources, people, opportunities, social media, and invite R2A readers to follow you and sign up to your e-alerts, feeds, newsletters, cocktail parties, webinars, comms bootcamps, games – you name it! (Except for dating apps. We have to draw the line somewhere.)

Have a look at our first entry, IIED – 50 years of communicating about environment and development from Liz Carlile, IIED’s Director of Communications.

And then:


Don’t forget, even if you aren’t ready yet to step onto the Eye on 2022 stage, we welcome Contributions, so if you’ve got an idea for a blog post or you’d like to recommend an event or resource – do it!

A ‘resource’ can be just about anything: a toolkit, video, podcast, blog, guidelines, presentation, app, report, database, book, journal article, e-discussion, tutorial – anything that will help us all to ensure that research is taken up more effectively.

If you want to tell R2A about something that you’ve produced yourself, consider writing a blog post about it instead of just recommending it. It will be more accessible, promoted more effectively, and R2A users will be able to give you feedback on social media.