Evidence into policy

How do we map the evidence system?

By 01/03/2023

Many organisations have mapped, visualised, and conceptualised the research and policy landscape. For example, the EU’s Joint Research Centre mapped the science-policy system, the Foundation for Science and Technology examined the Science Advice System for the UK government’s Science and Innovation Network, and the Africa Centre for Evidence described the South African Evidence Ecosystem. Much of this mapping working is based on a view that we can see an evidence and policy system – or a metaphorical ‘ecosystem’. But if there is a system – how best can it really be mapped?

Transforming Evidence looked at how we can move beyond simplistic or confusing maps by discussing and showcasing some useful approaches to mapping evidence systems – such as participatory mapping by CECAN. It covers what we can usefully learn from different disciplines, and different geographies, and discusses what mapping might do in the future.

To watch the recording of this event, please visit the Transforming Evidence website or watch below!