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Amplifying Youth Voices: Exploring Empowerment and Civic Engagement in New Podcast Series

By 23/08/2023

In a world where the voices of young people are increasingly gaining recognition and influence, a groundbreaking podcast series titled ‘Young people in the Global South: Voice, agency and citizenship’ takes a deep dive into the dynamics of youth empowerment and civic engagement. The debut episode of this series, titled “How do we collectively create a culture that empowers girls?”, sets the tone for an insightful exploration of the challenges and triumphs faced by adolescents and young individuals.

At the core of this podcast series lies a compelling need to unravel the factors that empower young people to wield their voices and take meaningful action on issues close to their hearts. The series encompasses a range of themes, from disability to climate change, conflict, gender justice, and human rights. The episodes stand as a testament to the power of the youth’s narratives and lived experiences.

As the podcast series unfolds, listeners can anticipate a wealth of enlightening discussions that shine a spotlight on the immense potential of youth agency and its role in shaping a more inclusive and just world. Through firsthand accounts and thought-provoking conversations, this series promises to inspire and invigorate both young listeners and adults alike, offering fresh perspectives on the transformative impact of youthful passion and dedication.

To start listening to this podcast, please visit the GAGE website.