AEN Evidence 23

Get to know the speakers at Evidence 23!

By 13/09/2023

Evidence 23 is now in full swing!

The aim of this year’s AEN event, Evidence 23, is coming together to build a knowledge base for EIDM practice. The Africa Evidence Network is proud to continue this tradition of innovation in facilitating collaboration with EVIDENCE 2023.

The objectives of this next instalment of the EVIDENCE event series are to:

  • Bring together the Pan-African community for learning, sharing, and relationship-building
  • Provide an opportunity for connection and collaboration to enhance mutual learning and the development of new ideas about supporting EIDM.
  • Build content for EIDM practice.
  • Provide opportunities to share EIDM practice experiences of different experts in the community.

Evidence 23 has announced a variety of interesting speakers who will be attending the event. Get to know them more below!

Kirchuffs Atengble

Kirchuffs Atengble is former Executive Director of PACKS Africa, a youth-led Pan-African think tank operating to improve uptake of research and other forms of evidence in policy processes and practice. Individual and institutional-level capacity development has been a core focus in his line of work, particularly through diagnostics of information systems and knowledge management. He has over 10 years of experience within the field of evidence-to-policy, playing various roles at local, national and regional levels of collaboration to enhance opportunities for interventions that ultimately target human development. While providing strategic leadership to PACKS, he also leads on specific initiatives, aiming to nurture a really influential organisation for evidence-informed policies. His strategic position within the EIDM fraternity has earned him various appointments, including Research Associate at the University of Johannesburg, Visiting faculty at the University of Southampton, and Advisory Group member of the Africa Evidence Network (AEN).

Adeline Sibanda

Adeline Sibanda is a Senior Resident, Impact with the Mastercard Foundation. Adeline has over 30 years’ experience in strategy, program design, planning, monitoring and evaluation. She is passionate about promoting the use of evaluative evidence with a decolonisation lens in all policy processes. Adeline has worked in over 25 sub-Saharan African countries with Civil Society Organisations, Community Based organisations, Governments, private sector, UN Agencies and other development partners. She is past Co-Chair of EvalPartners, Past President of the International Organisation for Cooperation in Evaluation (IOCE) and Past President of the African Evaluation Association (AfrEA). Adeline has been raising awareness and advocating for the Made In Africa Evaluation an AfrEA initiative promoting evaluation practice rooted in African contexts and priorities, as well as the South-South Cooperation in Evaluation (S2SE), an initiative of five regional evaluation associations from the Global South.

Mirabel Yuh Nain


Nain Mirabel Yuh is an award-winning evidence leader and a World Pulse Change maker passionate about evidence-informed decision-making and inclusion of PWDs in the evidence-based practice train with over 4 years of experience in working in research. She is a research fellow for disabilities currently working as Project Manager at eBASE Africa where she leads an innovative evidence portal that brings research into households of people with disabilities with the aim of improving livelihoods for PWDs through innovation and best practices. She is active within the evidence ecosystem in synthesis, implementation, and dissemination. Nain is a Master’s Student at TAU with a track record of promoting the use of research evidence at household and community levels for informed decisions and improving livelihoods. She has a mastery of searching databases and synthesis of both qualitative and quantitative evidence for development. Nain is an enthusiastic Twitter Queen and according to her “it is in our hands to build the Africa we want that #LeaveNoOneBehind the evidence-based practice train”. Nain loves cooking, tweeting traveling and basketball. Connect with Nain on Twitter @Nainmirayuh.
For more information or to sign up to the event, please visit the AEN Evidence 23 website.