About helpdesk

R2A’s Helpdesk is here to help you develop and feel confident about your approach to research engagement and communication, and to help you build a better understandning of how you can use your research to inform policy and pratice. If you have a question or issue that you would like help with, simply complete the required fields and wait for a response.

The workshop works by using the social web to pose your question via Twitter and Facebook amongst your peers and a community of experts eager to help – a crowd-sourced solution to your challenges. R2A also has a team of committed experts who will be on hand to help answer your question and ensure you recieve a quality response.

We aim to repsond to all questions within 48 hours – thanks for your patience and don’t forget to see if you can help others by answering their questions on the helpdesk.

The Helpdesk is still undergoing testing and we are keen to make it a tool that you find useful and want to use time and time again. Please let us know what you think via the following email address: helpdesk@researchtoaction.org

We do hope you appreciate this service.