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TTI PEC virtual write shop: Writing letters to the editor that get published

By 19 September 2014

  • Courtney Tolmie

    Thanks for this great post! Any tips for how to build relationships with media over the longer term to help get your research out there?

  • Henna Mahmood

    Thanks! What’s the particular ROI or industry average on doing letters to the editor?

  • Shubha Jayaram

    Thanks for these resources! I have a question / thought: in order to push the debate in a new direction or shape the agenda on an issue, perhaps it may also be helpful for think tanks to co-write such letters? We have co-written such pieces at R4D, and it can be helpful in engaging and influencing other stakeholders. Have any think tanks tried this tactic?

    • David J. Olson

      Shubha, co-writing a letter to the editor can be an effective way of making the letter more attractive to the media outlet and helping you reach new stakeholders. Just keep in mind that letters to the editor have to be written quickly in response to a published articles and engaging multiple organizations in drafting and approving such letters can be time-consuming. But if you can overcome this barrier, it can be an excellent strategy.

  • Costantine Deus

    Thanks to PEC team, i find the resources very useful that i am even able to comment on my own work as posted by David. My letter had more than 400 words while reading from the resources i find it important to keep it shorter below 300 words. Apart from that, details about the author was supposed to show direct connection between the author and an issue something that i do not think i did adequately