Knowing your audience

Wren Media: Building a Network of Journalists in the Global South

By 14/12/2010

During the recent AusAID, DFID and UKCDS funded workshop, Improving the impact of development research through better research communication uptake, Susanna Thorp from Wren Media spoke about capacity and network building with researchers in the global south.

Wren Media focuses primarily on communicating agricultural research in the South.  As Susanna explains, however, their real passion lies in building bridges between the media and the research communities in this sector. This involves building communication capacity on both sides, not only with the journalists in reporting better agriculture but also encouraging farmers to engaging with the media themselves.

Wren Media has also been heavily involved in training journalists and this has allowed them to build up a strong network of people in the media across Africa.  This benefits not only Wren Media but also other organizations looking for fresh, confident, diverse reporting on agriculture.