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Anupam Khanna: Research Communication is a Two-Way Process

By 02/02/2011

In this short video, Dr. Anupam Khanna, Senior Advisor to the President of the Global Development Network and Principle Advisor to the National Transport Development Policy Committee in India, shares his views on the importance of research communication.

Dr. Khanna regards communication as an integral part of the policy research process. He is, however, quick to caution against simplistic ideas, stating that “it is not an issue of disseminating or throwing out research findings, instead it must be a two-way process”.

Researchers, policy-makers and the stake-holder public at large must all listen and communicate with each other. He believes that knowledge “gains value only when it is shared” and that the only way to do this is through effective and well-considered communication.

This video was captured during the Global Development Network’s 12th Annual Conference, held in Bogota, Colombia earlier this year. To see further information from the conference, visit the GDN blog and the GDNet site.