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Using film to communicate research: Useful guides and blogs

By 10/01/2013

There has been a lot of talk and discussion around the use of film and video throughout the last year and it is becoming an increasingly popular use of media amongst researchers and communication specialists. Research to Action wants to share with you some useful guides and blog post that we have come across about the use of film and video.

1. Filming for rural change 

This guide offers some digestible information from a variety of different sources about their use of video in development.

2. How to produce a video interview

“Video interviews, or “talking heads”, are common in all types of videos, from documentaries and newscasts to marketing videos and customer testimonials. Producing a video interview is a straightforward process that you can complete with nearly any type of home video equipment”.

3. Film still a useful tool: ‘Decoding Science, Reducing Risk’

An example of how film can be used and how  film can be used to get these types of key messages across. “The real aim of the film is to bring together people who have information and the people who want to use that information.”Says Emma Visman HFP’s futures manager, Kings Collage London.

4. The power of film do it yourself: The Talking Head

“Producing an online film could be one of the best small investments you make as part of a wider communications strategy. In the first of a series of blogs on online videos, this post gives some some useful pointers and tips for producing the quintessential ‘talking head’ video”.

5. The power of film: Turning your talking head video into a story

Following on from the prevsious blog on the art of the talking head video. This blog explores how to take your next steps into the realm of online film to develop something more elaborate: to produce an online ‘story’”.

6. DigitalGREEN

A great example of the full potential of video. Digital Green’s videos are produced by farmers, for farmers, and of farmers. All of the videos produced by the partners and communities that Digital Green works with are available for free on their online video library. Search and browse through them based on language, geography, subject, viewership, usage, and more!