Open access

The future of open access research and publishing: A live chat

By 23/10/2013

The Guardian’s Higher Education Network is hosting an online discussion to debate the impact of the peer review system, pay models, quality control and other issues surrounding open access. The live online discussion will take place on the 25th November  with a panel of experts including:

Deborah Kahn is publishing director at BioMed Central, part of Springer Science+ Business Media @deborahatbmc

Ellen Collins is research officer at the Research Information Network @ellenscollins

Danny Kingsley is the executive officer of the Australian Open Access Support Group @openaccess_oz

The dicussion will be set around the impact open access is having within academia, in the higher education and publishing sectors, from researchers to universities, and from libraries to the publishing giants.

Here’s the topics that will shape the discussion:

• Quality control and peer review

• Cost and corruption

• Access and knowledge

• “Publish or perish” attitude

• Where now and what next?

Join the panel of experts Friday 25 October from 12-2pm BST to debate the future of open access publishing for more information and to post question please go here. You can also follow the debate live on Twitter using the hashtag #HElivechat