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“The Tipping Point” improves FUSADES research impact

By 19/08/2014

This blog is part of a showcase of exhibits from Latin American think tanks participating in the Think Tank Initiative’s Policy Engagement and Communications (PEC) programme. You may view other entries on the Latin America PEC Showcase Overview Page. 

Thanks to the PEC program, we have implemented and adapted a series of tools for the improvement of strategic communications within our organization.   One of these tools has focused on improving research communications, monitoring and impact evaluation with a stakeholder mapping methodology called “The Tipping Point”, which was developed by our facilitator Yolanda Talavera.  “The Tipping Point” maps key stakeholders according to research topics and strategic initiatives in order to influence public policy and generate the envisioned institutional impact.  This tool will support FUSADES´ strategic planning, communications, impact Monitoring & Evaluation and will be fully operational in 2015 after implementing a pilot initiative within the Legal Studies Department.

Through the implementation of this tool, we envision its influence in our decision making process, not only in terms of institutional communications but also as a primary resource when developing our research agenda and work plans.  Beyond being a traditional stakeholder mapping tool, ¨The Tipping Point” is a valuable input for FUSADES´ impact evaluation.

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Showcase exhibit: View FUSADES Tipping Point Video (Spanish only)



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