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Podcast: Disrupting the development sector from the Global South. Priyanthi Fernando interviewed

By 02/08/2023

Priyanthi Fernando, the outgoing Executive Director of the International Women’s Rights Action Watch, Asia Pacific (IWRAW AP) has released a new insightful and thought-provoking podcast. In this engaging episode, Priyanthi shares her ‘disruptive’ approach to the development sector, advocating for the continuous assertion of Global South perspectives in the work being carried out.

Priyanthi discusses IWRAW’s Global South Women’s Forum, an empowering platform that amplifies the voices of women from the Global South, allowing them to express their needs without donor constraints. She emphasizes the importance of ‘listening’ to design interventions that genuinely address real needs, particularly considering the challenges faced by Brown and Black people from marginalized communities due to border controls and connectivity issues.

This podcast provides a compelling perspective on the urgent need for transformative action in the development sector, inspiring listeners to support and engage with initiatives that promote equality, inclusivity, and social justice. Priyanthi’s experiences and insights offer a valuable lesson in challenging existing power dynamics to create a more equitable and just world for all.

If you would like to listen to this podcast please watch below or click here!