Stakeholder mapping

Pan-African Collective for Evidence

By 22/11/2023

Pan-African Collective for Evidence (PACE) is a non-profit organisation that specialises in supporting evidence-informed policy-making across Africa. With a vision is to see a world free of poverty, they aim to unlock the full potential of evidence capacities, evidence communities, and evidence synthesis to build institutionalised evidence-to-policy systems that have a real-world impact on development and transformation. PACE works through a partnership model and hosts the largest Africa-focused evidence-informed decision-making network, the Africa Evidence Network.

Projects range from building and supporting African evidence communities to curating and translating data and evidence for policy-making. PACE also support the sharing of evidence capacities through a range of modalities from mentoring, communities of practice, training courses, and embedded evidence advisory services.

To find out more information about PACE, please visit their website.